Installing Cutting-Edge Door Systems for Various Clients

Portal offers residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural and institutional overhead doors. Our full product lines offer simple traditional doors and including but not limited to glass/aluminum doors, polycarbonate, all glass, insulated and non-insulated and many more.

Product Highlights

  • Common parts allow for quick and easy repairs

  • Can be easily operated manually or have us install an electric operator

  • Long lasting, exceptional quality make for a long-lasting door

Portal Dock and Door

Expanding on Portals full sectional door product line we offer rolling steel doors. Rolling steel doors can be put in almost any application especially when available space around the door is at a minimum.

Product Highlights

  • Available in insulated and non-insulated as well as grilles

  • Rugged construction ensures the door is durable and has a long-lasting product life

  • Available in many colours; even custom.

  • Fire rated applications are also available

Portal Dock and Door

Hi-Speed doors offer a great solution when certain areas of a facility are temperature controlled. A Hi-Speed door can increase energy efficiency due to the reduced time it takes to open and close the door.

Product Highlights

  • Can open up to 100”/sec

  • Euro-Drive motors are rated for 1,000,000 cycles.

  • Incredibly reliable and efficient; low cost of operation.

  • Increases energy efficiency.

  • Provides a superior seal

  • Vinyl or rubber curtains available in various colours.

Portal Dock and Door

Hollow metal doors can be customized to just about every door opening with endless options for hardware. Our door slabs come standard in 18ga with stitch welded seams to ensure long life and resistance to damage caused by wind.

Product Highlights

  • Customizable sizes, swings and hardware

  • Available with fire rating.

  • Able to replace just the door if frame in good condition.

  • Easily add an automatic operator to any application

Portal Dock and Door